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All client records and information are kept strictly confidential. A Release of Information form must be completed and signed prior to any information or records being released to an insurance company, primary care physician, a chiropractor or any other business, person or entity.

Medical History

For the clients’ safety, Washington State Law states that all clients must fill out a health history provided by me concerning, but not limited to, medical conditions, allergies, and prescriptions. This will be done during the first session (see arrival time) and it will be the clients’ responsibility to keep the therapist updated on any changes concerning their health.

Arrival Time

Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled massage to update paperwork, use the restroom and to take care of other personal business prior to entering the massage studio.

Appointment Policy (Cancellation/Rescheduling and transferring of appointments)

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call to cancel or reschedule.

Transferring of appointments to another person in case of your absence is possible with approval from the therapist.

Cancellation or rescheduling a massage must occur 24 hours in advance. If not, you will be billed for the amount of time scheduled. If I cancel or reschedule the appointment without 24 hours notice, your next appointment will be 25% off. (If there is a need for a cancellation due to emergency situations, such as unexpected illness or inclement weather, you will not be billed for the amount of time scheduled. What constitutes an emergency is at my discretion.)


If you are feeling unwell or have any signs and symptoms of an impending illness, please reschedule your massage appointment. Receiving a massage during an illness may be harmful to you and could result in causing others to come down with the ailment that has affected you. Therefore, I will also call and reschedule your appointment if I feel unwell or have any signs or symptoms of an impending illness.

Start/Stop Time

Appointments will begin and end on the scheduled time. Session begun late will end at the regular appointed time and are full price.

Personal Hygiene and Comfort

It is recommended that you do not eat a heavy meal within two hours prior to your session.

Please arrive for your session having showered or bathed that day. Being fresh and clean will make the massage more enjoyable. I reserve the right to postpone or cancel a massage if hygiene and body sanitation are not appropriate for the session.

Odors and Smells

Washington State Law states that no smoking is allowed within 25 feet of our office door. Also please respect the sensitivity of others by not wearing heavy perfume or strong smelling body products to your session. The massage lotion has a neutral odor so that other’s sensitivity to smells is not offended.


While waiting in the reception area, please turn off your cell phones or pagers and remain as quiet as possible. Massage requires that the practitioner and the client be able to focus on the massage. Noise is kept to a minimum so as to not disrupt this focus and concentration.

Referrals/Declining to Provide Services

During my initial and subsequent assessment of your need for massage modalities, should I feel that the massage modality I offer is not appropriate for your needs, I will provide you with a list of other massage practitioners available in your area who offer more appropriate services. If you wish I will assist you in contacting the other practitioners to schedule an appointment for you.

I reserve the right to decline any services to any individual for whom I think massage is inappropriate, such as during pregnancy, illness or if the client shows signs of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


Personal and professional boundaries are respected at all times. Sexual harassment from either the client or therapist is not tolerated. My practice does not include sexual services. Clients are appropriately draped at all times and only the area being massaged is uncovered. Genitals are never exposed nor massaged. Should the client’s behavior become inappropriate, I will stop the massage and ask the client to get dressed and leave my studio. Should the client feel that my behavior is inappropriate; the client has the right to ask that the massage be stopped.

Dissatisfaction with Service

Should you feel the massage you received from me was not a pleasant or worthwhile experience for you or did not meet your goals, please discuss this with me immediately so that we can reach a mutual resolution.

If you did not like nor enjoy the massage that you received from me, please tell me. If you did enjoy the massage, please tell others.